In the past, measurement equipment would fail with no warning or frequent error codes would lead to service calls and subsequent costly downtime. Understanding the strategic importance of the vast amounts of data available at all stages of the manufacturing lifecycle, manufacturers are now reaping the benefits of capturing that real-time data and converting it into actionable insights.

Real-time data visualization provides critical tools— such as role-based views, real-time alerts and notifications, and remote tracking and monitoring. Now, manufacturers are using these tools to help them keep equipment operating to its full potential and to schedule timely maintenance and minimize production disruption.

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Intelligent measurement technology is one of the most important Industry 4.0 innovations for the smart factory. Today’s smart measurement systems (SMS) use industrial sensors and state-of-the-art network technology to conduct the measurement of components previously completed by conventional machines that could not learn and adapt to the situation or environment. SMS technology leverages the power of data visualization to enable new capabilities. Now, smart factory operators can remotely monitor the operational status of the machines and key parts being measured, use inspection data to reduce defective parts and enable preventive maintenance by monitoring the condition of the measurement machine.

By leveraging the vast amounts of data generated by IIoT, AI and other technologies, smart measuring systems can provide many of the key capabilities smart factories need. With the ability to monitor the status and current condition of measuring machines and machines and leverage the power of that data collection/analysis, smart factories can improve process efficiencies and ensure product quality.