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In manufacturing, valuable data is constantly generated. Whether this data comes from individual product lines, plant floor operators, suppliers, or another source, it’s powerful. It tells the story of your performance.

But a big struggle manufacturers face is collecting, storing, and centralizing that data. Paper and spreadsheet-based systems are still widespread. When data is siloed in databases, spreadsheets, or on paper quality check forms, its value is weakened. You’re unable to easily see what’s happening in processes across your company.

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To get total process visibility, you need to move to a cloud-based Statistical Process Control (SPC) solution. A real-time SPC solution can improve product quality, increase customer satisfaction, and decrease defects.

The problem with disparate, siloed quality data

Storing data in different places is problematic. When a problem arises, it becomes difficult and time-intensive to track down the data that will tell you the root cause of the problem.

In other words, you’re reactive instead of proactive. Without centralized data, it’s difficult to reduce cost and risk because you can’t quickly and easily see real-time information from your plants.

The solution: Centralize quality data in the cloud

Imagine how different your job would be if instead of just using data from a single line to perform quality checks and troubleshoot, you could analyze information from across all your lines to see where you are likely to experience problems. 

It’s possible. But first, you must centralize all your quality data in a cloud-based SPC solution. 

When data is centralized and standardized, it’s surprisingly easy to sift, slice, and dice it so you can see just the information you want—from regions to products to processes to shifts and more. 

For example, say your plant floor supervisor is seeing a problem crop up repeatedly with a part on a particular line. When your data is stored in one central database, you can pull up information to see how that line is performing in comparison to other lines in your plant.

Helpful, right? You can see where issues have occurred, and then drill down to see information about what corrective action has taken place—and how to prevent the problem from reoccurring.

Move from reactive to proactive quality management

Data centralization enables your company to change your thinking from “How can I fix this problem?” to “How can I reduce and prevent defects across our company?” 

Instead of looking at a single plant or line, you’ll have total process visibility. This is powerful because it allows you to determine which sites are having the most issues and pinpoint the root cause.

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From this information, you can create a prioritization strategy. You will likely find “low-hanging fruit”—quality issues that are easily solved and provide immediate improvement to quality.

Combined with the right SPC tools, aggregated data helps you tackle enterprise-wide questions like:

  • What single global quality issue, if eliminated, can generate the greatest benefit to our bottom line?
  • What global quality successes, if replicated, can dramatically improve enterprise performance and efficiency?
  • Which processes or site are the most—or least—efficient?
  • Which plant is producing products of a superior quality? How can I replicate this success across our organization?

These are the questions that go beyond simply reacting to problems; they transform your company into a proactive one and add real value.

See the bigger quality management picture

Ultimately, moving your quality data to a cloud-based quality management solution is about two things: improving quality and increasing customer satisfaction.

By seeing your data in a central location, you’ll be able to use it to accomplish those goals.

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