The start of a new year is a good time for reflection. In regard to manufacturing quality, ask yourself: Does your team focus only on out-of-specquality data?

If so, you may be missing continuous improvement opportunities that can positively impact your bottom line and help you realize a greater return on your quality management solution investment.

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Start analyzing your in-spec quality data to discover areas of your process that can benefit from continuous improvement.

Why do manufacturers focus only on out-of-spec data?

While it’s true manufacturers’ top priority is keeping processes and products in-spec, solely focusing on out-of-spec events and data creates blind spots.

Many manufacturing quality teams suffer from this problem. They look at—and act on—roughly 2 percent of the data they collect, ignoring the other 98 percent.


A simple answer is because quality professionals on the shop floor are busy. They tend to focus on solving problems specific to data that doesn’t meet specifications. And if your line is running as expected, why worry?

Dealing with critical fixes is obviously important, but it won’t allow you to make substantial process improvements that lower costs, improve product quality, and increase your bottom line. If you want to make enterprise-wide improvements, you need to aggregate all in-spec data and analyze it so that you can convert it into strategic insights you can use to transform your operations.

Discover hidden savings in your in-spec quality data

Imagine you run a distillery. You have a Statistical Process Control (SPC) quality management solution and are looking for ways to realize a greater return from it, while simultaneously boosting profitability.

A cloud-based solution like Enact®by InfinityQS® makes it easy to visualize your production data—and act on it. If you’re looking to cut costs or identify areas to improve efficiency, a real-time SPC solution is the right choice.

One area you might look to uncover hidden costs is gathering and analyzing net content (volume) data. With this data, you’ll be able to see the actual amount of distilled spirits in finished bottles.

In beverage manufacturing, the fill amount is printed on each container; and regulatory and consumer organizations check foods and beverages closely to ensure that packages contain what they say they should. Manufacturers work hard to remain compliant with the stated fill volumes, typically erring on the side of caution and adopting an approach of filling at least the stated amount.

Use your SPC solution to set automatic data collection reminders to measure volume. For example, you might ask your operators to randomly select five bottles every 30 minutes.

That will tell you how fills vary from shift to shift, product to product, and nozzle to nozzle. From this data, which is often considered “in-spec quality data,” you will discover opportunities for reducing overfill.

It may not seem like much at first, but even noticing a small pattern of overfilling and working to reduce it can result in huge savings for your bottom line. And you can apply this knowledge to other areas of your production, maximizing your ROI for your SPC solution.

Plus, you will continue to preserve product quality and regulatory compliance for stated fill volumes.

Leverage the power of in-spec quality data

Quality data isn’t just for fixing problems. It’s about getting a greater return on your quality management solution investment, maximizing customer satisfaction, reducing costs, and improving profitability.

Don’t limit yourself to focusing on only out-of-spec data and don’t only use data to search for problems.

Instead, aggregate your in-spec data on a regular cadence. Then apply analysis tools found in a real-time SPC solution like Enact®to ensure your performance across lines and plants is as efficient as possible.

Doing so can drive continuous process improvement, resulting in greater efficiency and cost savings.

When you focus on data that’s under the surface, you can re-imagine how quality can become a strategic advantage to your organization.

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