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Accurate, timely data collection is essential for product and quality compliance in your manufacturing processes. How confident are you that your data collections are happening—correctly and on time?

From a business standpoint, compliance with product and quality specifications is critical because it ensures consistency in processes. The only way to be sure of consistency is to perform timed data collections throughout the entire manufacturing process.

Performing regular checks according to a specified timeframe and frequency can help you build control charts, which inform operators when there’s special cause variation or if processes are in control. Operators can use charts to quickly spot trends and be proactive in solving issues before they become material problems. This cuts down on compliance headaches, not to mention lost revenue.

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Yet for many manufacturing sites, the stark reality is that not all audits are performed with excellence. When faced with a constricted schedule, an operator might take the easy route of taking all measurements at the beginning or end of the run instead of consistently gathering data throughout production.

Data Collection Simplified

What if we could simplify the data collection process while improving compliance and overall efficiency? Giving operators data collection notifications is an easy and simple way to keep them organized, prepared, and in control of their day-to-day workflow.

Likewise, giving quality and operations managers a compliance dashboard with insights into data collection completions helps them correct data collection issues—and compliance on track.

Enacting Quality

Enact® by InfinityQS® is a quality management software system that oversees processes so that operators can focus on their myriad other responsibilities. Enact generates notifications for manufacturing limit and statistical violations, checklist violations, and timed data collections.

As you see in the image below, the left side of the Enact work dashboard shows a notifications list which has been color-coded for easy identification. Additionally, timed data collections offer countdown timers to help operators estimate their remaining time for performing checks.

02 QM 0322 InfinityQS IC March Topic 1 Enact dashboard

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What’s more, it’s no secret that operators have multiple collections to perform, often at varied frequency. Without data collection notifications and countdown timers in a robust quality management software like Enact, there’s room for guesswork, human error, and superfluous stress on operators.

For instance, let’s say you are an operator and have a data collection due in 10 minutes. Enact alerts you to this, giving you crucial time to prepare the samples needed to take those measurements. No scurrying around, no corners cut—just an efficient and empowered operator in control of their workflow.


It's difficult to overstate the importance of consistency for manufacturing operations. Enact provides highly useful statistics, such as capability indexes, CP, and CPK. But these metrics are meaningful only if the process is in control and consistent. Once again, the only way to know that is by taking measurements at a certain frequency throughout the production process.

Enact also provides tangible benefits for staff outside the operator role. Supervisors or managers can view compliance tiles that provide digestible summaries of timed data collections and other key information that allow them to oversee processes from an expedient position.

03 QM 0322 InfinityQS IC March Topic 1 Compliance Summary Tile

Compliance Summary Tile 01 (Click on the image to enlarge.)

Additionally, Enact's Compliance Summary tile provides summary data that allows managers a better viewpoint for evaluating how sites are performing on a monthly, weekly, or shift basis within a region, division, or across the entire company.

Even better, the Compliance Summary tile provides higher-level views of data collection compliance—such as the percentage of processes that meet or exceed a specific user-defined data collection compliance threshold. These site summaries allow you to see a granular view of the compliance performance of each process at the site, which means actionable data analysis is at your fingertips to help ensure consistency in product and process.

04 QM 0322 InfinityQS IC March Topic 1 Compliance Tile Hiearchy Levels

Compliance Tile Hierarchy Levels 2 (Click on the image to enlarge.)

Case In Point

Managers and line leaders who are equipped with this information are empowered with insight into specific ways they can improve. For instance, InfinityQS works with an Enact customer who set up data collection notifications using an uninformed estimate of how long certain measurements would take. They had estimated 30 minutes, but the process took closer to an hour. When the customer looked at their charts and saw that those checks are always late, they understood they needed to adjust the sampling process and frequency.

In practice, this means providing more time to the operator so they can stay on schedule, ensuring their processes and products are not only compliant, but of the highest quality and consistency.

Setting Operators Up for Success

Manufacturing operators are some of the busiest people in our industry. They have plenty of spinning plates to keep in motion, from ad-hoc machine adjustments and equipment oversight to routine maintenance checks and measurements. Operators can’t be everywhere at once, and sometimes important checks can get missed. Through no fault of their own, data collection efforts often end up being late, rushed, or both.

Enact facilitates compliance, efficiency, and quality—all while making your operators’ lives easier.

Interested in simplifying your operators’ jobs and improving your compliance without slowing production? Visit the InfinityQS website to see how Enact can help.