This tool features a wide measurement toolkit library that can easily solve many of the most typical measurement problems. These include dimensional, position, and form measurements both in static and dynamic mode—while also offering thread measurement functions.

Content provide by Mitutoyo

Roundtracer Flash is based upon state-of-the-art area image sensors and can perform many micrometric-precision checks on parts with unprecedented speed. Roundtracer Flash uses multiple image sensors integrated into fixed positions across the product structure to cover the entire measurement range. This gives the advantage that neither the image sensors nor the part being measured must travel along the Z-axis.

  • High Speed 
    Unrivaled measuring speed, thanks to the no Z-axis movements. Full 2D optic.
  • Axial Run-Out 
    The 2D image frame allows for the entire surface to be captured dynamically, at each angle, during the part rotation.
  • Image Consistency 
    Complex profiles and part geometries are acquired inside the same image frame.
  • Thru-Holes Measurement
    Only a few milliseconds are needed between the image acquisition and the measurement execution.