The Roundtracer Flash 2D image architecture sets a new benchmark in the measuring industry, providing significant advantages for the Quality Engineer or Technician.

Content provide by Mitutoyo

2D Image Architecture: State-of-the-art image sensors can perform many micrometric-precision checks on parts with unprecedented speed.

Unrivaled Measuring Speed: With the absence of Z-axis motion, the optical acquisition of the complete part is performed in mere seconds. Execute 100 static measurements in just two seconds.

Static & Dynamic Mode: Dimensional, position, and form analysis can be performed in static or dynamic mode for maximum flexibility.

Easy Part Loading: An open loading area with no obstructions and an ergonomic tailstock system for easy part clamping. Simply load the workpiece and start the measuring cycle.

One-Click Measuring:  All measurement cycles can be easily started by one-click activation on the Roundtracer Flash or by an icon on the touchscreen.

Graphical User Interface: A state-of-the-art graphical user interface with a touchscreen monitor provides excellent ease of use. Standard monitor arm provides more flexibility and freedom.

Superior Usability: Intuitive user interface provides easy interpretation of measurement results, part detail images, smart search function and more for simple operation.

Durability: Fixed position sensors mean there is no mechanical stress from vertical movement of the sensors or the part itself. This provides stable performance over millions of cycles with minimal maintenance requirements.

Integrated USB Hubs: 7 ports are available for connections to printers, code readers, and other external devices.