The new FORMTRACER Avant integrates a detector with a base system comprising FTA-S4C3000/4000 (contour instrument) and FTA-S4S3000 (surface roughness tester), making it possible to upgrade a contour instrument or surface roughness tester into a complex system, from a general-purpose contour instrument to a high-precision contour machine. Three types of surface roughness detector holders can be added for a wider range of surface roughness measurements.

Content provide by Mitutoyo

In addition, Mitutoyo provides a choice of 100/200 mm-type drive units, high-column instruments, and large-sized base instruments, as standard.

Standard model

Our general model constitutes the base version for the surface roughness tester and contour instrument. Where multiple instruments were once required to complete these two unique measurement types, now one technician is able to efficiently perform multiple measurements without complicated set-up or moving the part.

High-column model

Our higher column height model features the same capabilities as the general standard model, while delivering extra depth that allows for a wider range of measurements in the vertical direction.

Large-sized model

For those measurements on heavy or long workpieces, the FORMTRACER Avant large-sized model delivers the maximum-size base and column. Ready to tackle the bigger contour and surface roughness challenges.