FORMTRACER Avant Series boasts best-in-class drive speed for both drive unit and column axis along with a quick stroke return speed. To establish “Speed up,” for surface roughness measurement, the positioning distance from the start of measurement to the start of data acquisition is reduced to the lowest limit. For contour measurement, the time from contact on a workpiece to the start of measurement is shortened. The total measurement time is drastically reduced to improve measurement efficiency.

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Remarkably improved workability with outstanding features

This cable-less system is designed to eliminate any risk of abrasion and guarantees trouble free, high-speed operation. The X-axis drive unit has a wide inclination range of +/- 45° allowing incline features on workpieces to be measured without added fixtures. Additionally, the detector can be replaced without turning power off, a positioning pin ensures accurate placement and software automatically detects the exchange to make it seamless and improve work efficiency.

Optimized measurement features depending on characteristics of workpieces

Functions such as upper/lower surface continuous measurement, changing of measuring direction and setting of measuring force using a dual-sided stylus through the software remarkably improves the measurement capabilities. The stylus-drop detection feature immediately stops operation when it detects a sudden drop preventing damage to stylus or machine. It can also hold a position to measure an interrupted surface without using a mechanical stopper. Other features enable accurate and safe measurements in accordance with the characteristics of a workpiece.

Support for an integration of management and sharing of measurement data to assist in the visualization of high quality

Mitutoyo’s FORMTRACEPAK software is equipped with a wide variety of features, such as control of the contour and surface roughness measuring systems, data analysis and comparison and report generation. MCubeMap visualizes the analysis data in detail by using various graphical technologies. MeasurLink integrates measured data to a server via a networking system. Mitutoyo supports the recognition of quality improvement by minimizing product defects in production through integrating management and sharing of data.

Coexistence of structure and functional vision with no compromise to details

Aesthetics, functional logic and reliable measurement accuracy. We sought a product design encompassing all of these. Combining perfection, a desire to design with no compromise to details and functional logic, we sought to provide both operability and innovation. This new design adds improvements and ingenious features that considers the whole product structure and makes it easier to use.

Optional accessories for automatic measurement

Mitutoyo offers a wide variety of optional accessories supporting the major reduction of total measurement time, from setup and measurement to evaluation, by enabling quicker implementation of operations, such as measurement of multiple points, alignment of cylindrical workpieces and leveling for surface roughness measurement.