FORMTRACER Avant Series has applications supporting measurements for a wide variety of workpieces. For example, a part-program (automatic measuring program) creation support key equipped with the remote BOX allows rapid creation of programs, and the contour sensor allows immediate measurement by creating a measurement-ready state once the sensor contacts a workpiece. Further, this series features stylus-up speed three times faster than conventional models, and each axis movement speed is fast, too. By combining these elements into a single system, efficient and accurate measurements are realized.

Content provide by Mitutoyo

PET bottle Preform measurement

The thread of a familiar PET bottle requires precision measurement, since leaks will occur if it is too loose, or the cap cannot be tightened if it is too tight. The “sectional form of thread” of such PET bottles can be measured without cutting the product by using a cone stylus. Angle and pitch can be measured efficiently

Screw gauge Ring measurement

Upper/lower surface continuous measurement and measurement adjustable feature on the C-4500 detector allows simultaneous measurements of the effective diameter of screw or ring gages, together with thread angle and pitch. Since a part-program (automatic measuring program) for measuring and analysis can be created, effective diameter, which requires high accuracy in micrometer threads, can be accurately and efficiently measured.

Golf club face Groove form measurement

Groove pitches, groove intervals, and edge shapes are strictly determined by golf club standards. By using the part-program (automatic measuring program) as a standard feature and automating analysis, efficient evaluation is possible with precision measurement.

Surface roughness test for tooth faces of gears

The surface roughness of gear teeth may affect strength and torque transfer efficiency. By using a stylus for gear teeth, it is possible to measure over the full face of a tooth, right down to the root. FORMTRACER Avant Series, which can cut off the positioning distance to its limit (0.05 mm) helps evaluate the surface roughness of gear teeth.

Can Pull-top groove measurement

If the pull-top groove is too shallow, the pull-top cannot be opened, and if it is too deep, it will be opened easily, resulting in leakage during transportation due to vibration or shock. The groove dimensions of products can be efficiently controlled for measured where high accuracy is required.

Surface roughness test for tablet molds

Durability is required for tablet molds to ensure the detachability of pharmaceutical powder and reduction of production cost. FORMTRACER Avant Series, which can cut off the positioning distance to its limit, helps evaluate the surface roughness of molds with accuracy and precision as it can measure products with high accuracy from edge to edge.