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When manufacturers buy raw materials, they need to know that those inputs are good before they start using them. To ensure the quality of incoming materials, manufacturers use lot numbers that denote the vendor, the lot designation, and whether the lot was good or bad. If there was a problem with the materials, then it’s crucial to be able to trace it back to the source.

Manufacturers need a clear historical record of the batches they've received from a particular vendor to ensure that the vendor is reliably meeting their needs and providing raw materials worth the price they paid.

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In Enact® by InfinityQS®, advanced lot reporting enables manufacturers to associate lot numbers with the data that they're collecting from batches. This capability provides superior traceability for manufacturers looking to remain compliant, efficient, and improve quality control throughout their operations.

Learn more about how lot reporting helps ensure you consistently receive quality materials from vendors so that your company can produce high-quality goods.

Enact Lot Reporting

Whatever your company’s data collection strategy, you need a clear place in your quality management software to look at the data sorted by lot number. Because it’s essential to look at all the data for a given lot, Enact lets you pull up a lot number report and see all associated collected data. Enact provides different options for looking at data: by shift, by timeframe, and more.

Below is a sample lot report for a batch of potato chips—you can see the measures of various weights, their specification limits, and a range of other statistics.

02 QM 0422 InfinityQS IC Topic 4 Lot Reports 07 Oct 2021

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The logged timeframe tells you the source of a particular lot number and the exact timeframe when the inspections started and finished. For incoming inspections, you get a clear view of the lot in its entirety, including everything measured, the results of those measurements, and how the data informs the assessment of the materials’ quality. If there’s a problem with the materials, Enact shows the lot’s origin so you can quickly mitigate the issue.

Working with the Lot Report

Working in Enact is straightforward. You can easily export the lot report in Excel format before attaching the report to an email, printing it out, or saving it as a PDF. When you save the report as an Excel spreadsheet, adding custom columns and formulas is also simple.

Enact stores all plans, data collections, and lot information in a single, unified database repository. That means quality data will be standardized. Standardized data makes everything easier when collecting, analyzing, and reporting on quality data across lines, sites, and plants.

And Enact is not limited to just this report. You can choose from a variety of reports—many of which you can access via the specific lot number, which is useful for deeper investigations into issues.

03 QM 0422 InfinityQS IC Topic 4 Lot Reports 07 Oct 2021 image 2

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A modern quality management solution like Enact enables operations managers to gain myriad insights from the same data. For example, the Box & Whisker chart and report above highlights a range of information that helps resolve issues with incoming parts while ensuring that supplier quality is controlled, reliable, and consistent between shipments.

Finished Goods

Manufacturers produce finished goods, whether they are complete products ready to sell or components ready to be shipped to another manufacturer. While the quality of these finished goods depends on the quality of materials, the products will ultimately have your name on them. You therefore need to ensure that the incoming goods are up to your standards, so that the finished goods you ship are as well.

To ensure quality, it's imperative to have a centralized registry of lot numbers you’ve produced along with their associated parts and spec limits. This helps you to examine quality and consistency, and thereby catch issues before they become problems. Enact provides real-time visibility across your operations so you don’t have to worry about unhappy customers or recalls.

Is It Good Enough to Sell?

Enact helps ensure that nothing you sell is of poor quality. The lot report gives peace of mind that comes from knowing that all critical features are in line with your organization’s expectations.

Enact also helps manufacturers prove product quality to their customers. Many companies appreciate a report, akin to a certificate of analysis, that serves as evidence of a product’s quality. Enact enables organizations to show specific inspection reports to prove compliance and demonstrate that the product conforms to specifications. Because most manufacturers have unique templates to generate these reports, you can export Enact reports and remove any columns as needed.

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Get the Help You Need

Manufacturers deserve the traceability and security that comes from Enact’s lot reports. Knowing raw materials are high quality before they go into production can dramatically improve quality and compliance efforts for manufacturers of any kind.

Enact is a modern SPC solution that provides real-time visibility into your operations. Improving quality management delivers critical advantages in the manufacturing processes at the heart of your business.

InfinityQS quality management software is there for every step of your compliance efforts. Learn more about Enact on our website.