Modern manufacturing is high stakes, and organizations must continually evolve to stay solvent and profitable. Manufacturers simply can’t afford to be content with the status quo while competitors improve their quality and operations. And yet, many organizations still lack access to the process and quality data at the heart of their production operations.

Digitizing production and quality data is more than a trend; it’s how you gain the agility and efficiency required to solve your biggest operational problems.

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Intelligent, actionable data is the heart of process and quality improvement. “Digital transformation” of that production-level data is a key tactical adaptation for manufacturers across industries.

Intelligent Data: The Key to Optimizing Production Operations

The underlying causes of today’s performance and quality challenges in manufacturing can often be traced back to a single problem: data. Specifically, how that data is captured, stored, accessed, analyzed, and used.

Dysfunctional data is the root cause of challenges in performance, quality, and production. It is:

  • Incomplete
  • Inconsistent
  • Isolated
  • Inefficient

You already have valuable quality and process data. But outdated collection methods, such as manual quality checks and paper records, leave you with incomplete insight across processes, shifts, or plant locations. That dysfunction impedes your ability to improve operational performance.

Optimizing manufacturing operations requires moving away from dysfunctional data toward actionable intelligence. Through a cloud-native quality platform like Enact® by InfinityQS, you can extract meaningful insights from the quality data you already collect.

Enact empowers plant floor teams with simplified, more accurate data collection—and a means of aggregating that data to make it easy for managers, engineers, and quality professionals to analyze and understand.

When you can access data that is correct, consistent, unified, and efficient, the resulting actionable information impacts your quality, customer satisfaction, and profitability.

Automated Data Collection

Automation of data collection and analysis is key to optimizing manufacturing operations. In Enact, Automated Data Collection (ADC), can solve major operational problems, helping manufacturers to:

  • Reduce human data-entry errors
  • Create more efficient workflows for operators
  • Simplify access to process and product data
  • Improve productivity and quality
  • Minimizewaste, scrap, defects, and recalls

ADC reduces the time operators spend on the computer or manipulating gauges so that they have more bandwidth to attend to quality issues, control their processes, and ensure compliance.

Enact enables you to capture and use the data that’s already present in your process streams. ADC lets you dip into those data streams and gather information. Then, Enact automatically updates charts and graphs in real time.

ADC provides more information to operators in less time. When such changes are uniformly introduced across your processes, lines, and plants, you can prioritize improvements that impact your entire enterprise.

Harness Your Data to Improve Quality

Digitizing your data to create actionable intelligence is essential in the modern economic landscape.

With a modern manufacturing quality platform, you can harness the data from your plant-floor processes to become more agile, efficient, productive, and cost effective. This is the element that’s missing from your production operations—and the way to surmount your biggest manufacturing challenges.

The cloud-native Enact quality platform enables manufacturers to efficiently reduce costs, remain compliant, and increase profitability. Visit InfinityQS to learn about starting an Enact subscription.