The key to ongoing resilience in manufacturing is the ability to optimize your operations and ensure you can quickly adapt to unforeseen disruptions. For most manufacturers, lessons learned during the pandemic are now informing best practices that make their organizations nimble, flexible, and proactive. New initiatives often focus on closing technology gaps and adopting solutions that enable decisions driven by data, information, and intelligence.

This seemingly simple wisdom was hard-won when the first wave of COVID-19 swept the globe in 2020. In a matter of mere weeks, entire industries were shut down and others were severely disrupted. The world we knew had been turned on its head overnight. Businesses had no experience with such a disaster, and few had adequate contingency plans.

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As businesses adapted on the fly, every day felt like another firefight. Manufacturers were constantly reconfiguring their operations in response to supply- and demand-chain volatility and workforce availability.

The rulebook had changed in an instant, and even now many manufacturers are still stuck with an old edition. To ensure success in a still-uncertain post-pandemic landscape, decision makers are adopting solutions that enable them to adapt to the “new normal”—starting with real-time access to critical production-level data.

Shifting Sands

When the pandemic struck, remote work became a necessity. Manufacturers implemented changes to technology platforms in weeks, sometimes even days. There was no time for diligent planning, feasibility studies, or risk assessments. Change had to happen quickly—no questions asked.

Flash forward to 2022. We have learned two things.

  • First, the impact of the pandemic will be with us indefinitely.
  • Second, unpredictable events can and will happen.

Your manufacturing organization continually deals with events such as terrorist activities, natural disasters, economic crashes, geo-political breakdowns, and major trade wars. You must make changes that are permanent, robust, and operationally sound. You also need to rethink many parts of business operations. How flexible are your processes? How robust are they? And how are they able to support events that may impact the business?

What Is Your Post-Pandemic Strategy?

2022 is the year in which businesses move from pandemic-response firefighting to sustained operational change. Will you be part of it? Will you evolve your technology systems, platforms, and operational processes to enable the resilience your business demands?

Your manufacturing organization must learn from the crisis and proactively identify pain points, bottlenecks, and weak points across operations. These may include challenges in access to data, decision-making resources, or simply initial response plans to major disruptions.

From this framework of understanding, you can work through sustainable, tactical improvements to eliminate these risks and constraints. And digitizing operational data is essential to this effort.

Digital Data is Key

Getting off paper and digitizing production-level quality and process data is now a priority. For companies with deficiencies in technology and infrastructure, the move to digital data gives operations the agility they lacked when the pandemic began.

Now more than ever, manufacturers want to create nimble, flexible, and proactive manufacturing environments—driven by data, information, and intelligence. This is a remarkable shift from the investments they made in electro-mechanical automation over recent decades, which primarily focused on improving the efficiency and productivity of physical processes.

Modern manufacturing is more than automation. When you can collect, centralize, analyze, and act on real-time data, you are equipped to recognize and navigate disruptions. A cutting-edge manufacturing quality platform like Enact® by InfinityQS can help optimize processes, giving your production teams the means to understand what’s happening on the plant floor right now. And it enables informed decision making, so quality and process improvement teams can drive enhancements and adjust operations accordingly.

Transform with Enact

Enact can help you move from dysfunctional data—data that’s incomplete, inconsistent, isolated, or inefficient—toward actionable intelligence, powered by complete, consistent, unified, and efficient information.

With access to the insights that solid data can provide, you can take the right steps to increase efficiency, reduce costs, and improve agility. It all starts with real-time visibility into the production environment—the key to success, no matter what the future may hold.

Enact delivers an enterprise-wide digital quality solution that’s purpose-built to help you thrive in a post-pandemic landscape. It is intuitive, modern, and helps harness your data so you can optimize the most important aspects of your manufacturing operations. Best of all, there’s no risk to start using it. Visit the InfinityQS website to learn about getting started with a free Enact subscription.