Modern manufacturing success hinges on two outcomes: operational excellence and ensuring compliance. Achieving these outcomes requires involving the right employees and supplying them with real-time quality data and insights. Without visibility into crucial production data, manufacturers struggle to improve quality and maintain customer satisfaction.

A cloud-based quality solution such as Enact® by InfinityQS® solves production visibility issues. It equips manufacturing teams with the information they need to optimize quality and processes and ensure compliance.

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The solution includes features like automated digital data collection and advanced analytics. With critical production data now available to your manufacturing and quality teams, you can be successful.

Aligning Goals to Achieve Desired Outcomes

Let’s talk about how to achieve these outcomes. Optimizing operational performance and ensuring compliance are not mutually exclusive. Mastering them requires a three-pronged approach—the perfect balance of cost, value, risk.

Contain and Reduce Costs

Costs depend on both internal and external factors. However, the production operations costs under internal control include:

  • Waste, scrap, and giveaway
  • Rework and resource efficiency
  • Productivity and downtime
  • Yield
  • Workforce management

Improve Product/Business Value

Product quality is essential, but quality is just one aspect of value. Overall value also depends on:

  • Product consistency
  • Process and product reliability
  • Agility and flexibility
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Brand reputation
  • Sustainability
  • Product and market innovation

Reduce Risk

Quality or production issues can damage profits—and your brand. Manufacturers must try to mitigate risks across categories such as:

  • Operational
  • Quality
  • Strategic
  • Compliance
  • Regulatory

Internal Teams

Your people also play a crucial role in optimizing operational performance and ensuring compliance.

Daily management

If you are involved in daily operations, a quality solution can significantly enhance your efficiency. It can automate the data collection process, saving you time and enabling you to focus more energy on process and product compliance.

This group includes roles with titles like quality engineer, production control manager, lab technician, shift supervisor, operation coordinator, and more.

If you’re in this group, you’re detail oriented, and your priority is ensuring right-first-time production. To you, success is ensuring product quality, consistency, compliance, and industry standards.

Continuous improvement

For those whose role revolves around continuous improvement opportunities, Enact simplifies quality analysis. You can see across lines and plants, uncovering efficiency improvement opportunities for truly significant gains.

Six Sigma Blackbelts, operations analysts, plant managers, data analysts, and more benefit from the insights and data accessibility a quality solution provides.

Why Enact?

Our software is powered by our advanced Statistical Process Control (SPC) engine and purpose-built to enable:

  • Simpler, accurate data collection
  • Smarter data analysis
  • Optimal production efficiency

InfinityQS quality management solutions erase operational barriers—giving production, quality, and operations teams the platform, tools, and shared insights they need to respond quickly to whatever challenges they face now, and in the future.

We bring the information that matters to the people who need it—to control manufacturing quality and processes, reduce waste and risk, and ensure compliance.

Start improving efficiency and simplifying compliance today

Getting started is easy—and free! You can take advantage of a free subscription of Enact to see how a powerful quality management solution can improve quality and simplify compliance.