The COVID-19 pandemic disrupted manufacturing in an unprecedented way and at an unforeseen pace. After two years of ongoing uncertainty, at least one thing is now clear: Disruption will happen, and manufacturers must ensure operations are as efficient and agile as possible.

How can you do this? Bringing crucial production data online is a great place to start.

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With a digital quality platform such as Enact® by InfinityQS®, you gain:

  • Complete operational visibility
  • Manufacturing intelligence that fuels continuous improvement
  • Insights to mitigate risks

Digitization provides the flexibility and accessibility you need to minimize disruption when unpredictable events happen.

Change From Reactive to Proactive

At the pandemic’s start, almost every day felt like a firefight.

  • Manufacturers were constantly reconfiguring their operations in response to supply chain volatility and workforce availability.
  • Businesses had no experience with such a disaster and no adequate contingency plans to handle this disruption.
  • Technology changes to support remote workers were implemented in weeks, sometimes even days.
  • That left no time for proper planning, feasibility studies, risk assessments, or preparing detailed business cases with ROI projections.

Change simply had to happen quickly; no questions asked.

Now that some dust has settled, manufacturers are moving from the reactive pandemic era to one of sustained operational change.

Leading manufacturers are proactively identifying pain points, bottlenecks, and weak points across operations. Challenges like data accessibility, decision-making resources, and emergency response plans are also being addressed.

Eliminating operational risks and constraints requires using next-generation information technologies and software. With digital tools, such as Enact, manufacturers can effectively prepare for and minimize disruption.

Make Digitization a Priority

The pandemic accelerated manufacturers’ timelines for investing in digital transformation.

Now, perhaps more than ever, manufacturers want to create nimble, flexible, and proactive manufacturing environments—driven by data, information, and intelligence. It indicates a remarkable shift from the investments in plant-floor automation seen over recent decades, which primarily focused on improving the efficiency and productivity of physical processes.

We now can do more than automate manufacturing. We can optimize processes, giving manufacturers intelligent ways to understand what’s happening on the plant floor so they can make informed decisions to drive enhancements and adjust operations accordingly. Those who can readily collect, centralize, analyze, and act on real-time data will be the ones best equipped to recognize and navigate future disruptions.

Benefits of Digital Quality

A digital quality solution such as Enact can help you move from “dysfunctional” data—incomplete, inconsistent, isolated, or inefficient data—toward actionable intelligence.

It can also help you increase efficiency, reduce costs, and improve agility. It all starts with real-time visibility into your operations, which brings you informed decision-making capabilities.

Finally, Enact can help manufacturers deliver strategic improvements to operations, drive enterprise consistency, and ultimately protect your brand’s reputation.

So, when quality events and risks arise, you’ll be able to identify issues and proactively respond. A digital quality solution is the only way you can truly assure you’re protecting your customers, company, and brand.

Want to ensure your manufacturing operations are resilient to disruption? Bring your crucial production data online with Enact by InfinityQS. Visit our website to get a free subscription.