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When evaluating tools as important as quality software for your enterprise, it’s helpful to be able to actually use it. With a live version of the tools in your real production environment, you can experience functionality and understand the value you can expect from the solution. Even better, you can produce tangible results to show stakeholders that the solution meets your company’s needs.

InfinityQS gets that. That’s why you can get started with a free subscription to our Enact® quality platform. Of course, you’re probably asking, “What does free really mean? What can I expect?”

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Set Up Data 

First, Enact is a cloud-based solution, so there’s nothing to download. It’s easy to sign up and simply start using it.

After signing up, your initial step is setting up a data collection. In Enact, this configuration is specific.

First, you name the data collection. Then you configure parts and features. Parts are what you’re manufacturing, such as cups or boxes. Features are the measurements you take of your parts—height or weight, for example.

Process configuration comes next (production line, machines, tools, etc.). Intially, processes are built into the hierarchy of your organization (company, division, region, site, and department) at the department level. However, this can be changed later.

Finally, you set the manufacturing limits for the data collection—target and upper and lower specification limits. These identify the parameters into which you would like your measurements to fall.


Once you’ve set up data collection, you’re ready to start gaining next-level process insights on dashboards in the system. Dashboards allow you to easily view and compare data across different products, lines, sites, or even regions.

To simplify the new user experience, we pre-configured Enact’s environment based on proven customer experience and best practices.

Work dashboard 

The work dashboard is where operators or technicians interact with the Enact environment. Think of it as a data collection “home base,” where you can receive notifications and view upcoming and completed tasks.

Notifications are found on the left side of the dashboard. The center shows “finished items” (already performed data collections). Data collection details appear on the right.


QTY 0822 InfinityQS IC Topic 4 Modern SPC Work dashboard


When data is live, you’ll be able to get more information from the preconfigured analysis and summary dashboards.

Analysis dashboard 

The analysis dashboard provides access to real-time information that you can use immediately. It’s preconfigured to deliver optimal performance and built on Enact’s proprietary analysis methodology.

Here’s how your analysis dashboard may look after some data has been collected:


QTY 0822 InfinityQS IC Topic 4 Modern SPC analysis dashboard


Enact enables you to analyze quality data across your enterprise. Dynamically view information from across plants, lines, and suppliers using dashboards, or perform ad-hoc analyses on any data. Use a wide variety of analysis and statistical tools (control charts, Pareto charts, Box & Whisker charts) to deeply examine data.

Ultimately, the analysis dashboard saves time. Rather than spend an exorbitant amount of time with paper and pencil, you can compare data with a few clicks of the mouse. Plus, it makes it easier for your team to consistently monitor performance, instead of once a week, month, or quarter.

Summary dashboard 

The summary (aggregated) dashboard enables a clear view of your process performance. As you collect data, this dashboard will grow and help you make better strategic decisions.

Here’s how your summary dashboard may look after some data collection:


QTY 0822 InfinityQS IC Topic 4 Modern SPC summary dashboard


Notifications are generated based on the limit violations you configure. They make it easy to spot and automatically share any type of out-of-specification event with your team so everyone is aware.

For example, if a process issue occurs, the system can notify both the operator controlling the process and their supervisor, resulting in immediate problem resolution. Or, if a statistical violation arises, the system can notify just the quality engineer responsible for fixing the issue.

This enterprise-wide visibility equips you with actionable information that can improve processes and truly transform operations.

Like dashboards, notifications are pre-configured so users have a common starting point. You’ll see them on the work dashboard and in your inbox if you set up email notifications.

Limit violations notifications are red in the system, while timed data collections notifications are green.

Here’s how you will see a dashboard with a violation notification notice on the left:


QTY 0822 InfinityQS IC Topic 4 Modern SPC work dashboard notifications

Try Enact Today 

Enact gives you incredible visibility across your enterprise. With practical insights into your processes, it’s possible to take meaningful actions that improve your manufacturing processes and truly transform your operations!

Ready to test the powerful SPC engine in Enact with your production data? Visit our website to get a free Enact subscription.