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The underlying causes of manufacturing performance and quality issues can often be traced back to a single problem—data. Although all manufacturers collect quality and process data, many still rely on manual or paper-and-spreadsheet data management. This legacy approach provides an extremely limited and isolated view of quality management. It might meet minimum compliance requirements, but the real value of that rich data source is untapped.

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Manual and legacy quality management systems create dysfunctional data—a patchwork of partial, inconsistent, or downright incorrect information that hamstrings any attempts at quality and process improvement.

Digitizing, standardizing, and centralizing your critical production and quality data is imperative in today’s competitive manufacturing landscape. The Enact® quality platform from InfinityQS® makes that step possible so that you can deliver critical, actionable information to the people who need it most.

The Problem of Dysfunctional Data

Data collection and analysis are central to your daily manufacturing operations. Data is the fuel for the statistical process control (SPC) practices that drive your quality monitoring and management, continuous improvement and Six Sigma projects, and Lean manufacturing management.

Dysfunctional data holds all those initiatives back.

Dysfunctional data is:

  • Incomplete: Unreliable data collection methods, spotty manual quality checks, and mismatched metrics create gaps.
  • Inconsistent: The data that you do collect differs across lines, processes, and plants, making effective comparisons impossible.
  • Isolated: Teams at different plants keep disparate data in different systems and formats such as paper records, spreadsheets, or proprietary or legacy systems, making it inaccessible for analysis.
  • Inefficient: Manual data collection and analysis is slow and plagued with errors, and any important insights are out of date by the time they are discovered.

Dysfunctional data inevitably leads to three fundamental operational challenges:

  • Impaired operational visibility
  • Uninformed decision making
  • Quality compliance risks

All of these impediments can be addressed through the use of a centralized platform that automates the bulk of SPC processes behind the scenes, making data accessible, understandable, and actionable—in real time.

Actionable Intelligence, Better Decisions

Actionable intelligence comes from data that’s complete, consistent, unified, and efficient. You’ll notice how that is the exact opposite of dysfunctional data.

When that good and useful data is unified in a centralized data repository, you can analyze it—slicing, dicing, and interrogating information at any level, across any manufacturing strata. Your quality people can extract meaningful insights that enable them to make changes more confidently and impact your performance in positive ways—cutting costs, reducing or eliminating waste, and saving time and resources.

It's not hard when you have a system that makes it easy. Enact is different from many quality systems because it’s not a bigger software solution that “also does quality.” The platform is purpose-built to tackle the kinds of questions and challenges that manufacturing quality and production operations teams deal with every day on the plant floor.

Enact’s enterprise design includes a number of key features and capabilities including:

  • Process models
  • Unified data repository
  • Dashboards
  • Reusability
  • Standardization
  • Flexibility

Process Models

Process models are visual representations of your processes, showing every step in relationship to every other step. They’re expandable, help you error-proof your processes, and centralize and simplify the ways in which you manage your operations.

QM 1022 InfinityQS IC Process Model 2

Unified Data Repository

The ability to look at data across your entire enterprise in its summary form (in aggregate) is critical. It enables your quality pros to dig into the data and uncover the greatest opportunities for improvements in your operations. The unified data repository is at the center of almost all the transformative benefits you can glean from Enact.


Enact takes control charts “to a new level” with dashboards, which deliver up actionable information for the right person at the right time—in a visually engaging way.

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Reusability greatly simplifies the deployment and maintenance of your quality system. Large organizations struggle to keep up with certain aspects of their system, from initial configuration to maintenance and updates. Enact’s response to those challenges is reusability of key components including dashboards, process models, data collections, and sampling requirements.


Enact rewards standardization. And standardizing your systems across lines, processes, and plants rewards you with:

  • Easier deployment and maintenance
  • Visibility across sites
  • A single version of truth
  • Powerful, consistent reporting
  • Simplified compliance
  • Access for all types of devices (laptops, tablets, phones)


Even as you standardize, centralize, and reuse, you must be flexible enough to accommodate necessary adaptations. Enact is flexible enough to understand many kinds of differences at the plant floor level.

For example, say you have a factory where some of the people speak Spanish, some German, some French, and some English. Guess what? They can all work in Enact—in their language. Enact is smart enough to display information that’s relevant to each person’s role and job—in their language.

Work practices may also require flexibility. The ability to account for differences between product families and adapt work practices means you’ve got options—so your operators can work efficiently (which helps you get buy-in).

Flexibility also means that you need to be able to implement a change—such as changing a data collection requirement, a specification limit, or when checks are performed—quickly and efficiently. With Enact, you can do that with a few clicks of a mouse and know that the change will be immediately implemented across all of the relevant areas at once.

Perhaps one of the most flexible things that a cloud-native system can do for you is updates.

Not upgrades. Updates. There are no servers to purchase and set up, no software to install, and no need for time-consuming software upgrades. Everyone on your staff always has the latest and greatest version of the software—on any device that uses a browser.

It's Time for Digital Transformation

Moving from dysfunctional data to actionable intelligence is essential for your organization’s overall health and growth. That’s a digital transformation that is no longer optional. In the high-stakes world of modern manufacturing, you can’t sit quietly by while your competitors improve. If you stick with your organization’s status quo, you risk being left behind.

The most important improvements are the ones that you can apply directly to your plant floor operations. If you can make your critical process and quality data accessible and actionable in real time, you can transform your operations—and stay ahead of your competition.

Enact by InfinityQS, an Advantive company, can help you make this leap forward. Visit our website to learn how you can empower your teams to optimize quality, processes, and compliance.