AI-based visual inspection tools make human decisions consistent, reliable and traceable to help manufacturers reduce costs, increase efficiencies, and ensure product quality.

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  • Automate error-prone and time-consuming manual inspection
  • Reduce errors that result in poor product quality, waste, and costly secondary screenings
  • Maintain brand standards and meet safety and compliance requirements
  • Inspect challenging materials (metal, glass, fabric, wood, irregular shapes)

Solution Overview

Pleora’s Visual Inspection System automates manual tasks at different points in the manufacturing process, including work-in-progress and finished product, with an intuitive display that guides operators through inspection steps. The standalone system works in parallel with existing inspection applications, meaning manufacturers can deploy advanced AI skills without disrupting existing processes or workflows.

The Visual Inspection System is a camera-based solution with integrated Inspection and Tracking & Reporting apps that are easily trained on a manufacturer’s unique products and processes.

With just one good image, Inspection apps for incoming, in-process, and final quality control steps automatically compare products to a “golden reference” and visually highlight differences and deviations for an operator. As the operator accepts or rejects potential errors, the AI model is transparently trained based on their decisions.

After even just one inspection, the AI model will start automatically suggesting a decision for the operator. Over time, the speed and accuracy of automated decision-making will improve as the system continuously learns from operator preferences. In comparison, most AI inspection tools require numerous good and bad images plus time-consuming and expensive algorithm development before they can be deployed in production.

Integrated Tracking & Reporting apps include automated and customizable reporting tools to provide data and insight on manual tasks. Typically, collecting actionable data from manual processes is a challenge for manufacturers, making it difficult to ensure end-to-end quality and implement process improvements when errors do occur. With Pleora’s system, manufacturers can collect and save data on the number of suspected and confirmed defects, add operator notes on detected issues, and store product images for traceability, inventory & shipment management, and batch tracking.