Vaira from Pleora Technologies helps manufacturers digitize, automate, and upgrade error-prone manual processes and decisions to boost productivity and increase profits. The solution is powered by a scalable suite of shop floor-ready machine vision, AI, and digitization apps for manufacturing operations, with two-way integration to resource planning tools to help drive continuous analysis and improvements.

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  • Visual Inspection

    Reduce human error and ensure consistent quality decisions, visually train new employees, and gather data for continuous improvement using AI-based decision-support.

  • Product Tracker

    Drive analysis-based continuous improvement by saving, storing, and sharing visual images and data from your manual processes for end-to-end product information.

  • RMA Reporting

    Avoid costly product returns by using data from RMA Reporting and Product Tracker apps to improve manual manufacturing steps to help speed trend and root cause analysis.

  • Checklist & Work Instructions

    Eliminate error-prone manual data entry, speed manufacturing steps, and simplify training for new employees with a digitized approach to process steps.

  • Asset & Tool Management

    Reduce costly downtime due to lost, misplaced, or improperly used tools and assets on the shop floor for real-time 'check in' and 'check out' identifiers.

  • Digital Job Traveler

    Error-proof data entry and reduced time spent on documentation while capturing and sharing end-to-end manufacturing data for a robust digital record of all products and regulatory requirements.