Reduce Your Measurement Time from HOURS to MINUTES

Objects that previously required considerable time investments to digitize, or which were even beyond the realistic possibility of efficient measurement, can be quickly brought into the world of 3D analysis by a single operator. With the world’s first ‘direct scanning laser tracker,’ productive quality control is primed to expand into entirely new areas of production, powered by a fundamental shift in the way we think about 3D measurement.

The measurement world takes a revolutionary leap with Hexagon’s Leica Absolute Tracker ATS600. While having no need for a target in place to make a measurement, the ATS600 does away with one of the more expensive parts of the typical laser tracker system – the operator at the point of measurement.

Based on the established Wave-Form Digitizer technology behind some high-end surveying tools, the ATS600 is powered by the first ever Scanning Absolute Distance Meter, a metrology-grade iteration of this technical principle that can locate a point to within 300 microns from up to 60 meters away.

The ATS600 also delivers many of the features familiar from the rest of our Absolute Tracker product range, including reflector measurement at up to 80 meters distance, with full PowerLock capability. Combining reflector measurement and direct scanning capabilities delivers impressive all-round performance for large-scale measurement tasks, with scanning quickly describing surfaces and individual reflector readings used for alignment and defining features.

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