Are you curious about the cutting-edge technologies shaping the world of additive manufacturing?

Watch this exclusive panel discussion that unveils the groundbreaking techniques behind Kindig-it Design's extraordinary custom car fabrication process.

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In this engaging conversation, hosted by Rich Nobliski, 3D Metrology Integrated Marketing Director at FARO®, Dave Kindig, CEO of Kindig-it Design, and Greg Hebard, Kindig-it Design’s Digital Fabrication Specialist, you’ll explore how Kindig-it Design harnesses the power of 3D metrology and additive manufacturing to bring awe-inspiring custom cars to life.

Watch this panel discussion to learn:

  • The fundamentals of 3D metrology and its importance in an additive manufacturing process.
  • The unique challenges faced when applying 3D metrology to additive manufacturing in the automotive industry — how to handle complex geometries, surface finishes, material properties and internal structures.
  • How these challenges differ from traditional manufacturing methods and the impact they have on metrology techniques.
  • How 3D metrology can be used for quality control and process optimization.

FARO Rich Nobliski 250x250 circular head shot

Rich Noblisk - Global Integrated Marketing Director, 3DM | FARO Technologies

Rich Nobliski is the Integrated Marketing Director for 3D Metrology at FARO Technologies. Before FARO, he worked in manufacturing at Siemens Digital Industries Software.

FARO Dave Kindig circular frame head shot

Dave Kindig - President/Owner/Designer | Kindig-it Design 

As President of Kindig-it Design, Dave has led the custom car-design field with his unique skills and vision to craft truly one-of-a-kind customs.

FARO Greg Hebard 250x250 circular head shot

Greg Hebard - Digital Fabrication Specialist | Kindig-it Design

Born and raised in "Motor City" Detroit, Greg Hebard holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the University of Utah and worked as a machinist for racing motorcycles before joining the hotrod industry.

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