Quality can be an elusive goal, especially when applied to the manufacturing process. But consistently producing high-quality goods and services can be managed and achieved by leveraging precise data, smart and well-designed processes, and state-of-the-art measurement tools.

Most manufacturers know that smart data applications and analytics are revolutionizing their industry. But advanced digital metrology tools that quickly provide precise measurement information to create CAD models as part of the additive manufacturing/3D printing process are also important contributors. In fact, according to a recent report, nearly half of companies (41%) surveyed said that Additive Manufacturing is helping them achieve their sustainability objectives and “appears to be an ally for companies willing to improve their processes.”

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Beyond that, the technology can greatly improve quality control in manufacturing. These capabilities lead to better outcomes, particularly when advanced metrology tools are used from the outset and during the design process. How can businesses best utilize these measurement technologies and other digital applications for better results in the manufacturing space? How can these tools improve the production process and enable best-in-class customer service?

This article will explore these issues and related industry challenges and offer insights to help manufacturers achieve quality from the start with the right manufacturing tools.

Today, many companies are moving away from traditional quality control processes and toward providing a personalized, end-to-end customer experience. The role of quality control as a function of smart manufacturing is also evolving and becoming more customer-focused in the upstream process.

Read the entire article, Moving Quality Upstream Gives Manufacturers an Upper Hand, to learn more about how advanced metrology tools are transforming the 3D measurement industry.

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