Sheet metal stamping has many applications that demand extreme precision, and the tiniest error can set off a chain reaction of costly delays or even safety issues. 3D scanning technology offers greater precision, speed, and ease of use than traditional fixed CMM systems, enhancing yield, increasing customer loyalty and generating more revenue.

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  • How 3D portable measurement solutions simplify the entire metal stamping workflow to accelerate production, inspection and quality control while achieving greater precision and accuracy.
  • The various ways the Quantum Max FaroArm and ScanArm can benefit your business and simplify your workflow.
  • How the Quantum Max increases both efficiency and precision across every step of QA and inspection processes.

FARO Metal Stamping

How 3D Technology Improves Sheet Metal Stamping Workflows

Discover how FARO 3D measurement solutions make it easy to perform faster, more accurate inspections of parts and dies throughout every step of the process.


See the Comparison

With Traditional Methods


FARO Metal Stamping 01

FARO Metal Stamping 06

Train staff how to use CMMs

CMMs aren’t the most self-explanatory tools to use, so production can easily be held up if you have to wait for trained staff to be available.

Save time from the get-go

The Quantum Max FaroArm and ScanArm are intuitive and easy to use, so you don’t need to hire expert staff to operate them or invest a lot of money and time into specialized training.



FARO Metal Stamping 02 FARO Metal Stamping 07

Sink hours into identifying problems with the part

Performing a routine quality inspection, with a CMM or other traditional methods, to identify a potential issue with the part can take several hours, during which the machine has been working nonstop and creating more products with the same issue.

Reduce inspection time by over 50%

With FARO 3D Measurement Solutions, you can inspect a part in minutes identifying the problem faster and significantly reducing scrap.


FARO Metal Stamping 03

FARO Metal Stamping 08

Shut down the machine until the problem can be addressed

Once you identify where the problem is, the entire manufacturing equipment has to be shut down.

Minimize downtime and improve profitability

With Inspect the parts and stamping dies with the Quantum Max in a fraction of the time and more easily than other conventional methods, so you can return to business as usual as fast as possible.

FARO Metal Stamping 04

FARO Metal Stamping 09

Move the die to the CMM for inspection

Many dies weigh as much as a small car and require cranes and forklifts to be moved.

Move the Quantum Max to the die

With FARO 3D Measurement Solutions are built to be portable. Save time and space by moving the arm directly to the die for inspection.

FARO Metal Stamping 05

FARO Metal Stamping 10

Inspect and manually maneuver the die

Generate or find a program to check the critical dimensions of the die. Sometimes the die also has to be manually shifted or flipped, then realigned.

Complete the entire Maintenance, Repair and Operations process faster

The flexible design of the Quantum Max makes it easy to inspect and analyze the die quickly and accurately, so you can keep things moving and prevent product delivery delays.


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