Every day our life begins anew.  We awaken with new promise and possibilities.  Some things are certainly beyond our control but the outcome can be influenced by our decisions. We can make our life a triumph in spite of adversity or we can make our life a mess in spite of every advantage.


Success does not depend on where we start. If it did, many wouldn’t celebrate the successes they do today.

Success comes from what we choose to do with what we have. It is available to anyone who decides to make the effort and the commitment.


Whatever each day holds, it also holds the opportunity for success and achievement. Whatever our situation, there is a way to create value from it.


We need to consciously choose to see the positive opportunities, and we will do so.  We need to choose to follow those opportunities, and the seeds of success will take root and grow producing abundant fruit.


The opportunity for success is always ours, but so is the responsibility for success. It is our decision to decide to take action, and create the success that is our own special destiny.


Think about it.