If you're like so many people in this current environment, it’s a safe bet you’re busier than you’d like to be. However, what about your productivity? If you’re less than satisfied then the following message might just be your ticket to a more fulfilling tomorrow.

Let’s begin with two serious questions: “How busy are you these days?” and “How productive are you?”

It’s likely, if you’re like most of us, the answers to these two questions aren't the same. As we’ve often come to realize, being busy usually has nothing at all to do with the results we get or what we accomplish.

We typically spend our long work days in a blur of multi-tasking activities. It’s a sad testimony that, for most of us, when our day or week is over, we're disappointed at the level of our accomplishment. This disappointment creates a stressful climate, causing us to push ourselves to work harder to get more done. However, working harder isn't the answer.

The answer is developing a sense of priorities based on a clear purpose and well-defined short and long-term goals, identifying what is really needed to achieve success. The world is full of people in perpetual motion. They're not sure, however, where they're going, nor do they know why, either. Therefore, they don’t know when they’ve actually achieved their target. Maybe these people get going so fast that they never take the time to plan or try to think things through. If that's your situation, I strongly urge you to set aside some time for personal reflection, some personal values clarification and goal-setting.

There's nothing like a strong sense of purpose, based on clearly spelled out values, to keep you moving forward. But more importantly, it keeps you moving in the right direction. Without a strong sense of purpose, you can climb the ladder of success, but when you get to the top, you may find that it's leaning against the wrong building!

Don’t let that happen to you. Think about it…