Do you know anyone who seems to always talk about the good old days? In moderation this is okay, but it can also create difficulties if we overdo it.

Some folks spend a lot of time thinking and talking about the past. The people who continuously focus on the past tend to constantly find fault with the way things currently are today.

There is nothing wrong with doing this occasionally we all do it to some extent. However, it is critical to understand that we move toward in life and become what we think about. With this thought in mind, where do you think those who dwell on the past are going? Most likely they are certainly not moving forward.

These folks seem to be disillusioned about the present and the future while stuck in a reality that no longer exists. The same goes for people who are stuck in the present. All they see and think about are how things are right now. Since we move toward to what we think about where are these people going? They are certainly not moving toward anything productive and rewarding. They are bogged down in current reality and lack a fruitful vision for the future.

Since our thoughts have a significant effect on our future, the people who focus on the past or get stuck in the present (living only day to day) are likely not going to experience much change in themselves.

With that said, however, we don’t want to forget our past because there are powerful lessons to be learned from these experiences. At the same time, the present has much to offer. Plus, it is the time we’re living in at the moment so it can’t be ignored either. The alternative is to keep yourself grounded in the reality of the present, but shift your focus to what you want to see happen, how you wish things to be in the future.

When you are committed to this and you create a clear vision and affirm it over and over again as if it were already true, your subconscious will work to make sure you move toward that vision to make it a reality. If you want to experience true success and happiness, don’t dwell on the past or the present but focus on the future.

Think about it ...