Let’s consider a deeply important question. What do you believe is possible for you in your life in your job, with your family and friends, financially, intellectually, emotionally? This is a very important question. So close your eyes, clear your mind and think about your answer for a moment.

As time has progressed, increasingly more psychologists, medical doctors, researchers and many others are finally realizing that what we achieve and become in life has as much, or more, to do with our beliefs as anything else. Certainly there are some limits. As far as we know, we can't time-travel or live forever. Neither can we change things like how tall we are or who we have for parents. However, beyond a few unchangeable things, there really are limitless possibilities. What we believe to be possible is a major factor in determining what we do and who we become.

Tom Peters, an American author and noted management consultant, told the story of a Manhattan cab driver who gave all his passengers a mission statement. His written pledge was to get them where they want to go safely and courteously. He also gave them a selection of newspapers, a snack basket and consult them about the kind of music they wanted to hear on the radio. This cab driver saw himself as an entrepreneur was able to generate $12,000-14,000 a year in tips because he saw possibilities for himself as a cabbie that others couldn't imagine.

What possibilities are you blocking out because of what you've learned or done in the past, or because of what others have told you to be "the truth"? What could you be and do if you allowed yourself to really stretch and grow without excuses or self-imposed limitations? I am reminded of Millard Shaw, an influential high school English teacher, who often quoted from William Shakespeare’s Hamlet, “We know what we are, but not what we may be.”

Our possibilities are essentially limitless. Think about it …