Do you make quick decisions, and then regret acting in haste later? Or do you fit into the category of being hesitant to make decisions? Those who hesitate generally are hampered by “analysis paralysis." In other words, the situation is treated as being over-complicated with too many options; therefore, rather than try something, a choice is never made.

Certainly, we need to think about the issue at hand, but don't over-think it. Definitely consider the implications of a decision before acting, but not agonize and analyze so deeply that we fail to make something happen.

Bottom line, we should think, then do what we think about. It’s not likely that we can solve every problem in advance, so accept that we'll have to make some adjustments as we move forward.

We should figure out what we intend to do, but not hold ourselves back while we figure it all out. Jump in and get started, and use our powerful mind in combination with effective actions. Decisions, like plans, rarely stay the same. They often require adjustments along the way to arrive at the optimum outcome.

We need to stop fretting about what might or might not happen. We must commit to a course of well-considered action and then do everything in our power to honor our commitment. In other words, make the best decision with the available information, move forward, and remain flexible to deal with the various possibilities that will certainly arise. That's the path to achievement and success.

Think about it…but don’t over-think!