There are countless ways we can talk ourselves out of taking action. However, there is just one way to truly move forward, and that is to go ahead and take action to make something happen!

It may not be perfect, but immediate action always beats postponed perfection. We can always make mid-course adjustments to achieve the desired outcome.

It's certainly great to be smart, informed, and thoughtful. But it's not that great to think things through so much and to second-guess yourself so much that you never get anything done. This is caused by fear of being wrong or simply looking foolish.

We can find plenty of ways to justify our procrastination. Nevertheless, even if it's perfectly reasonable and understandable, it's still procrastination which is paralyzing.

The secret to moving forward is not found in some clever technique. The secret to moving forward is to just do it and make something happen with a desire to create value. Definitely, we need to be smart about it, but don't be so focused on being smart that we fail to put our wisdom and intelligence to good, productive use. We need to be smart, then act smart, and then follow through on our action.

Instead of just thinking about it and eventually letting the thought die, get up and make something happen. We need to put our thoughts into actions and transform them into solid, lasting value. Will we been right all the time? The simple answer, of course, is ‘No’! However, our actions will make something happen which almost always leads to something better in the long run. Remember, the world opens up for those who are willing to step forward and not be afraid to try something new.

Think about it …