I haven’t yet read Dr. Ben Carlson’s book by the same title, but it’s about his personal formula for success. "Think Big" emphasizes how to evaluate and respond to problems in order to overcome them and make the most of your inner potential. It should be worth the time if you’re interested in self-development, and the following is supportive of that goal.

Did you ever consider that your very thoughts are restricting your growth and ultimately, your success? Actually, many studies have proven a strong link between positive (or negative) thoughts and the outcomes we experience.

While growing up my father drilled the following into my head and it stuck. If you're going to make the effort, make it count. If you're going to follow a dream, follow one that really gets you excited and enthusiastic. It’s a journey, not a destination. So, if you’re not committed to this thought process, your results will likely not be what you expected but, either way, you will have “reaped what you’ve sowed.’

Life is certainly full of grand possibilities. Don't just settle for the mediocre ones, think big. The days will pass, the years will pass, and as they do you can find great richness in every moment.

You are certainly skilled and experienced at making things happen. So use those skills to make your best effort and be ready to realize the wonderful things that’ll happen to you because of this effort.

Think of all you know, all you treasure, all you value and appreciate and are thankful for. Already, you are literally immersed in abundance, so make good use of it to make a whole lot more.

Your most profound and compelling desires are yours for a reason. Follow those desires and bring them to life in the most magnificent ways you can imagine.

Think big, and fulfill your destiny. Think big, and give the very best of yourself to all that is and will be. Success is waiting so why not begin the journey by thinking big, positive thoughts. You won’t be disappointed!