We all know successful people and, if human, envy them at least a little bit. We might believe they “have it made” and their life is on "easy street."  We might even think they, unlike most of us, have a life free of problems. If that’s so, we need to think again because it just isn’t true.

A life of success doesn’t translate into a life free of problems. A life of success is one in which we acknowledge, accept and deal with the various problems and challenges that are put in our path.

Achievement doesn’t come from avoiding our problems and challenges. On the contrary, achievement comes from confronting our problems and transforming them into positive, meaningful value.

It is certainly true that there are plenty of negative influences in life over which we have little to no control. However, we have the ability to control how we think, what we think and what actions we take; therefore, we need to make positive, productive use of that ability.

“How do I do that?” you might ask. First, you need to convince yourself, without the slightest doubt, it is possible to get through the situation and move forward. This isn’t wishful thinking but the power of positive thinking and truly believing in your ability to control your thoughts.  Next, you must act on your convictions, and do whatever is necessary to make real, meaningful progress.

You might have noticed I didn’t say this would be easy because it definitely won’t be. Actually, it takes a lot of energy because it’s work to confront problems when your natural instinct is to run and hide. However, when all is said and done, easy is not really what you're after. What you're after is a successful life which many define not of financial independence but a life of meaning, fulfillment, happiness and substance.

Lastly, instead of running or hiding from the problems, we should learn to face them with confidence and positive expectations. After all, you are worthy of the best, so work through every challenge, think and act with positive conviction, and live the best life you can envision.

Think about it…