Most of us would like to achieve a level of success. Achieving success comes from a commitment to excellence!

When I was growing up in a poor blue-collar community, people would speak in admiration of those who had achieved some level of success. Success, after all, was viewed as a way to pull ourselves out of the current environment. At an early age our focus was generally students who were at the top of their class in academics or the better athletes. Our admiration also extended to top athletes or even celebrities of the day. As we grew into adults our focus tended to move toward successful business people.

Looking back I don’t recall any discussion about how or why the focus of our attention became successful. Seemingly devoid of this insight, it seemed natural to accept that certain people were smarter or was just destined for success while others simply were not so inclined.

Over time I came to realize that success is not attained with a one-time, quick and isolated tactic or event. Mostly success is a result of being committed to achieving excellence.

The actions that build success naturally flow from an attitude that sincerely values excellence. Life is ours to live as we choose, and in every moment, of every day, we can choose to live it with excellence. With a commitment to excellence, we can find the opportunity, value and benefit in any given situation. This is a winner’s attitude, not a defeatist mentality.

As someone who wants to succeed, you need to commit to a life of excellence now, and always. Anything less is not worthy of the unique person you are.

A life of success is a life in which there is, every day, a renewed commitment to excellence. The focus is not so much on the outcome of success but the continuous journey of creating a plan, believing in oneself, focusing effort, being flexible, and working hard. Commit to excellence (being the very best you can be) and success will come.