Have you heard the phrase "you are your own worst enemy"? This old adage is true in a lot of ways. In a sense, we put many roadblocks in our way that create a lot of resistance, preventing us from moving forward. In the basketball world they would be called "unforced" errors.

Amazing things will happen when we stop trying too hard and start allowing things to happen naturally (with focused effort). Instead of fighting the effort, we should unify ourselves with it. When we do this our effectiveness goes through the roof!

We need to free ourselves from the intense desire to do something, or anything! When we can do this we will unlock immense amounts of energy to be the catalyst to get it done. We need to tap into the powerful momentum that's already there, inside us, by allowing ourselves to create meaningful value — to achieve our dreams and aspirations.

What is achievement? Achievement is really a process of allowing what exists in our imagination to be expressed in tangible form. Achievement will lead us to fulfillment, which is a process of allowing what we truly treasure to expand so that it fills our world.

If we practice worry, deception, envy, fear or resentment, we will actually block the power of our own purpose and our ability to be successful. We need to focus our thoughts and actions which will allow us to make the choice to let those things go, and allow our life to express our highest values and most treasured desires.

Therefore, instead of forcing ourselves to do what we don't want to do, let’s enthusiastically allow ourselves to do what we know we can do. We need to allow ourselves to engage in and enjoy the many wonderful things that will happen when we stop doing things that prevent us from moving forward and enjoying life’s true fulfillment.

You don’t have to do anything drastic to make things happen. There are only three basic things to tear down the roadblocks and to clear the path for your "run for the winner’s circle."

1.) Create the vision of what we truly want to achieve.

2.) Replace negative words and phrases with positive affirmation.

3.) Remain flexible and continue to make adjusts that move you in the direction of your vision.

Anyone can do these three things that will allow yourself to move forward. My old football coach and long-time mentor used to say “If all you can do is all you can do, then all you can do will be enough."

It’s not mental gymnastics but it is effective. This has kept me focused over the years — it can help you as well.

Think about it…