A lot of people are intimidated by fear of making mistakes. They come to think that the best way to avoid mistakes is to avoid doing anything. However, when we do nothing, we are making the biggest mistake of all.

Instead of living in fear of making a mistake, we should instead live in awe of the distinct possibilities that surround us every day. When we analyze those who have achieved success, we will discover they embraced their opportunities, ran with them, and any mistakes they made along the way were quickly forgotten in the brilliant light of their achievements. Why can’t that be your story?

It would not be wise if we rushed into situations foolishly or specifically sought to make mistakes. This would not be prudent; however, we shouldn’t cower in fear of those things, either. If we should happen to look silly, or to make a few missteps on the way to fulfilling our highest vision, so what? What's important is not keeping up appearances, but staying focused on bringing real value to our life and to those who surround us in our personal and profession lives.

We should do our best to get it right, and not be stopped or intimidated by the fear of getting it wrong. If we give our full attention and commitment to the task at hand, we'll soon learn how to constantly and consistently move forward — with purpose.

Occasionally we will stumble along the way — this happens to everyone who has stepped forward to lead the way. This happens most of the time because there is no defined path to follow so we’re laying the foundation as we go. When we experience a misstep, look at it as a confirmation that we're getting somewhere.

Don’t lose the focus. Keep going, keep learning, keep experiencing the inevitable ups and downs, and you'll keep adding real value to your life and taking advantage of all the opportunities that surround you just waiting for you to step forward to grab the brass ring.

Think about it …