Because we’re human, it's easy to get drawn into self-defeating thought patterns. Fortunately, it's also possible, through diligent effort, to change your thoughts so they can be an empowering source of motivation. All it takes is some training. However, it is training that you can do yourself.

Instead of thinking by habit, you need to make the decision to think by choice. Instead of nurturing the same old thoughts, you need to focus on aligning your thoughts with your purpose, your goals, your values and your aspirations.

As an example, you don't have to assume that a negative outcome will happen. It is just as easily and just as realistically to anticipate that you'll create a positive outcome which is what you really want to happen.

Bottom line, there are already enough challenges and obstacles in your life. There's absolutely nothing to be gained by fighting and struggling against your own thoughts. Those negative thoughts serve as barriers to prevent you from accomplishing something great and wonderful.

Choose to think the best about yourself, your world, and those people who are there to support you. When you focus on the best, you enable, empower, motivate and encourage yourself to create the best. It is a natural reaction to positive thoughts and actions, and it is also something you have virtual control at any given moment.

Never doubt your most consistent thoughts have a real and significant impact on the way you act. So … choose your best thoughts, let them guide your best actions, and be prepared to reap the benefits. Who deserves it more?

Think about it…