To do your best at the effort, you should embrace the effort. Rather than procrastinating and cursing what must inevidently be done, we should dive into it with gratitude and enthusiasm. The effort and moment of opportunity should be embraced.

If something must be done, you might as well do it in your most effective and creative state. Instead of making the assumption that a particular task will be undesirable, you should approach it as if it were the very best thing you could be doing at this moment in time. It should be embraced for what it is — an opportunity to give your very best effort.

People who assume that effort is something to avoid or at least dread are repeatedly beaten down by the efforts that must be made. Those who react in this manner seem to be perplexed with negativity and be downtrodden with grief and despondency. Conversely, those who embrace effort, any effort, as a blessing and opportunity, end up being truly blessed by those efforts and subsequent outcomes.

The ability to make a difference by taking action is an essential element of life’s journey. Choose to rejoice at every opportunity to make a positive difference in your life and those who are affected by your decisions. Let go of the fear, the complaints, the self-pity, the feelings of frustration, and embrace the effort for what it is — the chance, everyday, to make a difference.

Ultimately, it's your choice, so make the smart, empowering decision. Decide to embrace and enjoy the effort, and you'll reap wonderful benefits from it.