Each year we typically start this blog by talking about goal-setting, so why change the pattern? There are numerous articles and books focusing on the details of this important subject, so we’ll make a few broad points intended to assist in your goal-setting process.

As we review the previous year’s results and plan for the coming year, it is easy to feel overwhelmed by the challenges that lie ahead. How we prepare to meet those challenges determines the difference between success and failure. But let’s start with some fundamentals.

To have the best year you've ever had, live each of the coming days as the best person you've ever been. Bottom line, this year will essentially be what you make it, and you can make it great.

Many challenges will come your way, and unexpected interruptions will push you off track because that’s the way life is. However, only you can make the choice to persevere, to innovate, to thrive, move forward toward your goal and to prosper—no matter what.

Definitely, life is not easy and certainly. In many cases, life is not fair. You can, nonetheless, chose to live each day with honesty, integrity, purpose, compassion, commitment and dedication.

I encourage you to believe the following to be true! The decisions you make in each small moment of time will determine how this year will unfold for you and, in no small part, for those who are close to you. Decide, right now, to make the most of those amazing opportunities.

You may not realize it until you really think about it. All sorts of outside factors will have an impact on your life this year, and subsequently for your future as well. However the overall quality of your life will be determined by the way you choose to be. That’s correct. The choice of how you react to your surroundings is all up to you.

Genuinely choose to be your indisputable best (and typically you’re the only one who will truly know it’s your very best), in each moment in time and in every situation!

When you do this you will create the very best year of your life.

Keep the above in mind as you work to achieve positive, everlasting, results. When you can honestly say you’re doing this you are well underway to making this year GREAT!

Think about it…