There is really no secret to success. Certainly it has something to with doing the right things at the right time and getting the right results. That might sound difficult, but it really isn’t when you think about it.

Don't ask yourself if you can do it. Instead ask yourself how you can do it. Then, remind yourself why you want to do it in the first place. And let yourself feel, right now, how good it will feel when you've achieved whatever it is you wish to achieve.

If you truly believe that there is a way, suddenly the way will surface. Then focus on the way, get going, and keep moving forward, toward your goal.

You have unique, valuable contributions to make to life. Your genuine desires will point the way, and it's your challenge to follow through. Nothing of value will fall into your lap! You have to work for it.

To achieve your dreams and aspirations, choose to put your time and energies into living and working toward your highest intentions. Choose to spend your life fully living your destiny.

It’s never easy but continue to remind yourself why, ask yourself how, and refuse to be deterred until you get a solid, workable answer. Think positively, not negatively, then take action to achieve the results you desire. Remain committed and positive, even when faced with adversity and potential set-backs, to find a way to put your skills, resources, time and effort to meaningful purpose. You have to believe you can do it!

Think about it…