Have you ever thought about what was exerting limitations on yourself and what you want to achieve? It might surprise you, but often your biggest limitation is the one you put on yourself! The reason is that what you expect to happen has a profound effect on what you actually accomplish.

Depending on the person, if you don’t think highly of yourself and your abilities you are participating in negative thought. For instance if you think of yourself as too old, too inexperienced, uninformed, uncreative, incapable, et al, those negative expectations will influence the way you live, act and perform.

Conversely, when you think of yourself as creative, confident, passionate, dedicated interesting, valuable, unique, sincere, and trustworthy, those positive expectations will be expressed in your life, the way you act, and what you achieve.

Some might think this way of thinking is being overconfident, self-important, or condescending. You have to think of the bigger picture. Most of these people are just trying to hold you back. They aren’t people who are enablers or supporters.

After all, thinking highly of yourself and expecting the best from yourself doesn't mean you have to be arrogant or elitist. When you truly think highly of yourself, you'll end up living your life so as to genuinely prove your thoughts accurate.

Have no doubt it is mostly up to you. You can’t control all the things that will happen in your life but you can control how you think and control the actions you take! You can be held back by your expectations, or encouraged to move forward confidently and positively by your expectations. You need to make the choice to be encouraged, inspired, motivated and compelled by the positive things you expect of yourself.

Definitely, just like everyone else, there will be many difficult challenges you'll face in living a fulfilled, successful life, personally and professionally. Don't add your own negative expectations to those challenges. A recipe for an unrewarding outcome.

Instead, expect the best of yourself in every moment and in every situation. When you do that you can ride those expectations forward to a life of true fulfillment and achievement.

Think about it…