If you’re human, at some point you’ve wrestled with what’s the real meaning of life, or more specifically, of your life. This very thought has been the center of many of the great minds of all time and there’s been no single definitive answer.

At the core of this conundrum is that the meaning of just about anything in life comes from the time, effort and energy you give it. Anything you get for free, with no work or commitment or attention, is worth about what you pay for it, which is nothing!

To wish for a life that is always easy and free of effort is to wish for a life with very little fulfillment. Before you complain about life being difficult, remember that much of life's richness comes from working to transcend the difficulties.

At its center, a good life is a life filled with meaningful effort; the end result is not about wealth and power. Look upon every challenge as multiple opportunities to respond with good, useful, rewarding effort.

When all you expect is to get something for nothing, the most you will get is nothing of real value. Yet when you make the most of each opportunity to give of yourself, there is no limit to the value and goodness you can enjoy.

Do you ever feel sorry for yourself or worry because you have so much work to do? I think that’s true for a lot of people at some point in their life. However, the next time you sense that feeling coming on, make a conscious choice to turn that feeling around to embrace effort. By enthusiastically welcoming the opportunity to make a difference, wonderful things will happen. Life is good when you give yourself to it, so make it your business to give all you can.

There is no single meaning to life. It’s like a book that is being written by the hands of time. The meaning to life is what you make of it—the honest effort that is expended. The meaning to life is more about the journey and not really any one thing or an outcome or a result. The meaning to life is an ever-evolving process. If you can find enjoyment and fulfillment in the process, than you’ll discover your meaning.

Think about it…