Years ago, as a youth, my father gave me some sage advice. He stressed to always give my best whenever there was something to be done. I believe this advice remains valuable today, so I wanted to pass it on.

You should move forward with a focus to do so with your highest standard. Even though you may not always feel fully appreciated for it, you should always do what you know is good, right and valuable.

When there's a job to be done, do more than just getting it done. You should always do your very best. Maybe no one else cares, or perhaps they care more than you realize as it’s never known who’s really paying attention. In any case, what really matters is that you realize you are living and working towards your highest level.

If you continue to give your all, it generally pays off in ways you cannot fully appreciate or anticipate at this moment. As you focus on delivering results with your best efforts, you will feel the power as it accumulates in the form of confidence, competence, wisdom, patience and true fulfillment.

As you move along this path, listen carefully to what others say, but NEVER, ever, let anyone's shortsightedness control your efforts and bring you down to their level. Find new energy and enthusiasm every day, knowing that you are giving your best to life.

No matter what circumstances you may find yourself in, give it your best. Work to your highest standard, because deep inside, you know that's what you really want to do and what you are truly meant to do. Your effort will pay off in a lot of ways, but most of all you will have the personal satisfaction of knowing you gave your all and didn’t hold anything back.

If it’s not good enough, then it’s not good enough, but you know you gave your best effort. I’m always reminded by what John Wooden, the great basketball coach, said, “Just do the best you can. No one can do more than that.”

Think about it…