Do you find yourself procrastinating or putting off things you know should be done or at least worked on? Have you truly tried to understand what’s going on or, at least, what’s the reason for the hold up?

What are you waiting for? Stop waiting, dreaming and hoping for someday in the future when you’re feeling the timing is perfect to move forward! I have a surprise for you — the timing never will be perfect. You need to start living and working today to achieve the best of your dreams and to fulfill the highest of your hopes and aspirations.

Bottom line truism is that whatever you put off until someday, seldom, if ever, happens. Someday is forever out there in the future, beyond the horizon, just around the corner, but never seems to be here and now. It seems to be always just outside your grasp, like the brass ring.

All that you have, and all the great and creative things you're really capable of doing, are here and now! So what are you waiting for? So make the commitment right now. Jump right in with both feet and start making things happen — right here and now — this very moment as the timing will likely never get any better.

Waiting for someday is a lame excuse and a convenient way to hide from your own best possibilities. Choose today to stop hiding and to start really making things happen.

Another truism is no matter how big and impressive your goal may be, there is always something you can do about it right now. There is no need, nor is there a point, in putting off your achievements until some non-existent someday. Waiting for the right time is just a convenient excuse to hide behind.

Today is what you have, and it's filled with energy, with possibility, with awareness and with your powerful thoughts and desires for a better life. Embrace this day with all its opportunities and use its moments to be true to your highest dreams. This is truly up to you, and no one else, to make it happen but you can do it. Don’t wait for someday because that someday is TODAY!

Think about it…