Today is new day which brings more opportunities for you to act upon, grow as a person and to make a difference. This very day carried forward positive value from the past and added to it all the new possibilities for the present and future – all for you to take advantage in order to add value to your life.

Don’t dwell on the past. What came before is over! Stop wishing that the bad things had not happened or that the good things were still here. Time doesn’t stay still for any person. Now is your opportunity to create something new and wonderful, right now! It doesn’t have to be great – just something new and better in your life.

You have been blessed with new opportunities to take all those good memories and values, and carry them forward for the betterment of today and for the future. Resolve to honor the best of what has happened by making the very best of what has been offered to you today, in this very moment.

No doubt you, like all of us, have experienced sadness and disappointment, and, definitely, there are bound to be more in the future. That’s all part of life though. However, all sorts of new and meaningful happenings await your choice to take action in order for them to come to life.

This is the day you were blessed to experience and in it is everything you need to make a positive difference in your life and, quite possibly, the lives of countless others. Now is your time to act! This is your opportunity to make a difference that will cause much joy and happiness to you and those who surround your world.

Cherish the best that you've been given but use this day and its opportunities to make your life better. Now is your time to act! Let your confidence of knowing what is about to happen put a real, authentic, smile on your face, and enjoy the wonderment that is about to take place.

Think about it …