Do you feel overwhelmed by the burdens of life? If you find yourself in this situation, think carefully about why you feel this way. You will likely find that every burden you carry was created in the past. Now, this very day, would be good time to release yourself by leaving them where they belong – in the past – and create a new beginning.

One of the truisms to life is that when you hold on to resentment, you are continuing to punish yourself for the wrongs created in the past by either you or what others have done to you. There's really no good reason to do that so release this burden.

No doubt you have been disappointed in life numerous times but that doesn't mean you must be disappointed again and again. This is a new day, and establishing a new beginning without the pattern of mental abuse created by old burdens is just as realistic and accessible as continuing the old one.

You can take control of your life by releasing yourself from your burdens to create a new beginning. Your future depends on your expectations, your choices and your actions. Don't fill it with useless and burdensome negativity from the past. Being in control of your life and having realistic expectations about your day-to-day challenges are the keys to living a rewarding life.

Look forward, and look at the best within yourself when setting your expectations. Create your new beginning with an outline of a shining story of achievement and fulfillment, and get busy living that story.

The only way the past or anything else can hold you back, is if you let it. The power to release your burdens and to create a new beginning is within your grasp. Choose to allow your highest vision to pull you toward genuine fulfillment.

No one is saying that this will come easy but it’s certainly doable if you decide to continuously move forward with a renewed energy and commitment.  Eleanor Roosevelt said “You rarely achieve finality. If you did life would be over, but as you strive new visions open before you, new possibilities for the satisfaction of living.”

Think about it…