Most of us realize the power and benefit of setting goals. Generally that’s reserved for the beginning of a new year as a means to motivate us to move toward accomplishing something worthwhile. However, goal setting can be very helpful throughout the year and even on a daily basis.

A daily goal, especially one that is solid and tangible, has the power to push us to achieve more than the goal itself. A daily goal can be empowering in ways that go far beyond whatever its initially intend to do. Even if the goal seems self-serving, in following that the goal’s value goes beyond our self. Even if the goal seems frivolous, there are serious and consequential things it can help move us toward something positive by giving us a powerful focus.

Following a positive purpose, whatever it may be, engages the best of our skills. Taking on a challenge, any challenge, makes us stronger, more confident and more capable to achieve what might seem unattainable. But, you might ask, how can this be possible?

Try this. Pick a specific goal for tomorrow and point yourself decisively in its direction. Don’t just pick any frivolous goal. Instead, choose a goal that means something to you, and make a consciously decision to make it happen. Be serious about the goal. It should be measurable and attainable not "pie in the sky." In other words it’s not likely that you’ll become rich tomorrow so set that as your daily goal.

The hours of tomorrow, just like today or any other day, will pass quickly, so decide right now what you're going to do with that precious time. Dedicate yourself to make your goal happen. Through your efforts, you can grab the moments as they come, and exchange their fleeting value for something useful that endures.

Give yourself a goal for tomorrow and each day after, and give yourself a chance to discover how much good you can do for your own world and to those who surround your world. Give yourself a goal, and give yourself and those within your circle the best you have. It’s a safe bet, if you give this approach a sincere effort, you will see how much more fulfilling your life will be.

Think about it…