You must have a meaningful purpose for the things you do and the actions you take. If there is no purpose behind your effort, it is difficult to do well even with the simplest things. However when you have a meaningful enough reason, nothing can stand in your way of achieving what you really desire. When you have a good reason, there is no ceiling to what you can accomplish. When you possess a solid purpose, you are able to work through any hardship, undertake any effort, and work through every difficulty that gets in your way.

If you feel unmotivated and tired, listless and dejected, it's not the effort itself that is the problem. The real problem is that you have not connected the effort to something you really, truly care about.

You can give yourself a powerful advantage by always knowing where you are going and why you want to go there. You must first dedicate the time and the thought into searching your soul to understand, without any uncertainty, what it is you truly care about. This constitutes your real purpose.

Once you have discovered the real purpose, make sure all your efforts and actions are pointed toward that direction. This is the spare that ignites your engine which suppliers your energy and enthusiasm. It generates the electric spirit of a good, worthy, personally meaningful purpose.

There are certainly many things you care deeply about. You must stay connected to them and work toward achieving those things but guided by a genuine purpose.

Think about it…