When is the last time you really thought about the reason that you’re not achieving what you truly desire? For many, the biggest limitation is reluctance to move forward. If you can come to grips with that, you will be well positioned to get over or around most anything.

There can seemingly be many obstacles in your way. Time, knowledge, money and other resources are actually minor considerations when compared to one major factor which must be overcome. That major obstacle is your willingness to get it done.

There is a general tendency to get all the facts and assemble a detailed plan before stepping out. A friend told me about a business opportunity she had. It was a ground-floor opportunity that seems to come around all too infrequently. She remarked that she and her husband failed to fully commit because they kept searching for more information before moving forward. Their procrastination cost them!

Certainly you need to do the research, make the plans, raise the money, arrange for resources, and gather the materials. But the most important thing is to manifest your willingness and commitment by taking action to get it done.

How do you reach the highest level of willingness, the level at which you boldly step forward? Bottom line, make sure you’re in sync by doing what really matters…to you.

Determine what’s most important…to you. Once you make that revelation, there is no limit to the achievement it can inspire. If you feel hesitation, there’s something about what you’re doing that’s not in sync with your purpose. Once you’ve rationalized the reason for failing to be in sync and take action to close gap you’ll find yourself moving forward to achieve what you truly desire.

Think about it…