Regardless of your age, be it 16, 45 or 90, you have the exact same time available to you. You have this very moment in time.

You have the opportunity to live with all the richness and wonder you can imagine. You have the chance to start something new and enjoy the experience as well as benefit from the richness that comes from your effort.

No one has more, and no one has less. This moment is now here for all to live and to take advantage of everything life has to offer, including you.

Any pain or sadness you may be feeling is really only near the surface. If that’s holding you back you need to reach deeper within, and experience the magnificence that lives at your core, the very heart of your being.

From the timeless perspective of that wonderment, worry is just plain silly. As urgent and compelling as the issues of the moment that seem to surround you, the value that your life encompasses and the promise of what could be is so much more.

What do you have to lose? Absolutely nothing of substance or real meaning will be lost except the pain, suffering and disappointments that you’ve been experiencing. With so much at stake, loss of despair and the thrill of the promise that is waiting around the corner, there is only one thing to do. Step forward and grasp the opportunity!

Think about it…