It seems we’re taught from an early age to focus on things we need to achieve success and fulfillment. As it turns out, in my opinion, that might be the wrong thinking for many people. Focusing on even the smallest need puts you in a state of limitation. To reverse that thought process, focus on the possibilities, rather than on the perception of need.

Let’s explore how a reversed thought process would work. Consider that in this moment, right now, you need nothing, because you already are alive, aware, and capable of so much more. You’d free yourself from the very thought of need, and be able to step forward into your most valuable possibilities.

Compared to how much you have, there is almost nothing you really need. Give your time, awareness and energy to the abundance, and make the good, valuable parts of your life even more prominent.

Make each day, each action, each thought and word your own positive and empowering choice. Focus on all you have to live for and to give freely to others.

Certainly there will be times that you feel there's something you need but, in those moments, quickly reverse that thought. Turn, instead, to make the positive choice to create, and move forward with the power of genuine purpose.

Begin today to reverse your thoughts of need to fill up your mind with all the positive possibilities that surround you. Fill your every day moments with positive action, and you will achieve much more than anything that a focus on need would allow. If you reverse your thought process, there would be no place in you for need. It opens a world of possibility thinking. Think about it…