It seems that, as humans, we are constantly challenged by the trivial things that clog our ability to see clearly and to move forward. The trivial annoyances, even though they are virtually meaningless, can overwhelm us if we let them.

We must choose not to let these trivial matters take control of our lives. To do that we must change our focus because that’s the real problem. When we focus on the trivial many, they tend to multiply into a seemingly insurmountable mountain of concerns, worries and frustrations.

We need to focus on the vital few. We must be diligent about the things that truly matter, and be very flexible about the things that don't matter. It absolutely makes no sense to waste precious time agonizing about something that won’t really make a difference and, likely, will never happen anyway.

We need to learn to let go, and to rise above the pettiness which seem to surround us. Once this can be learned, you'll end up with much more time and energy available to work on the vital few which are the important things.

Instead of carrying around your frustrations like so many trophies, choose to leave trivial many—all the insignificant things—behind. No one is impressed by someone who is constantly complaining, and it won't add value to your life, so let it go!

Focus on those things which are important—the vital few. You have much more meaningful and important issues upon which to focus your time and energy.

Get in the habit of letting go of the many trivial issues that do nothing more than serve as time-wasters and distractions. The small, meaningless matters can consume your life and prevent true happiness and fulfillment.

Think about it…