The time to act is now, not later when you are confident that everything is exactly right. If you wait until the fear of failure is gone, the opportunity will have already passed. If you wait to act until you are sure you will get it perfect, you will likely never get started!

The time to act is when you have the intention. The time to act is as soon as you feel the urge to make a difference.

If you hesitate to act, you will begin to talk yourself out of taking action. When you give in to self-doubt, doubt will stifle your momentum as well as your motivation.

Certainly, fear is real and confronts everyone. However, let your fear inform you and prepare you, but do not let fear prevent you from acting. Realize that whatever you doubt you can do is exactly what you must find a way to do. It's an interesting concept, but many successful people have found this to be valid.

Fear and doubt cause excuses which become hurdles to overcome. You must choose to transform each excuse for holding back your permission, overcome the hurdles in order to move toward the finish line which is the achievement you seek. Continuously remind yourself that you can handle the uncertainty and related challenges and can actually flourish because of them.

As soon as you decide to act, move confidently toward your goal, step out right then and get on your way. Make the commitment to act, and you will be well on your way to enjoy the fruits of your achievement.

Will this be easy? It will be a challenge, but the rewards are there if you decide to act. Be confident that you have what it takes to act and win over fear and doubt. It’s all up to you!

Think about it…